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Essential Oils and Its Uses

In ancient times, essential oils are very much respected because of its medicinal and healing properties. For many centuries, it was considered as a treasure of an empire, and was even mentioned in The Holy Bible for over 500 times. But what really is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are aromatic liquids taken from flowers, trees, roots, bushes, herbs, barks and seeds. Known as the essence of the plant, pure essential oils not just protect the plant, but it carries its aroma as well. It is generally extracted by distillation. Contrary to the name itself, essential oils are not really "oily" in effect. Most of them are clear liquids, while some have light colors.

These oils are usually mixed by other substances to create perfumes, soaps, lotions, candles and even household cleaning products. They are also used as flavoring agents in food and beverages.

One of the famous uses of essential oils is in Aromatherapy. It is said that these oils are considered as alternative medicines and can even cure some illness. It can be used as aromatherapy massage or in vaporization. Below are some of the essential oils and their uses.

Lavender Oil- This is one of the most versatile oil and can be used in variety of problems. From nervous conditions to skin problems, this is an all-around essential oil. It also relieves muscle pains and even arthritis and rheumatism.

Tea-tree Oil- Tea tree oil is a powerful immune stimulant. It fights all kinds of infection and clears skin. It can treat influenza, colds, and gingivitis. A massage using tea tree oil can reduce post-operative shock, and is also effective in clearing bronchial
congestion, asthma and coughs. It can be used in diaper rash, burns, warts, wounds, and even dandruff.

Chamomile Oil- Chamomile oils have calming and soothing abilities, especially on the nervous and digestive system. It helps in regulating a menstrual cycle, and can be used to heal skin infections.

Eucalyptus Oil- Eucalyptus Oil is used in curing headaches, fevers, muscle pains and skin infections. It helps in concentration as well because of its refreshing and stimulating action in the mind.

Jasmine Oil- Jasmine Oil eases childbirth and is used in treating sexual problems. It is great in toning skin and in muscle pains.

Rosemary Oil- Effective for circulation problems, muscle pains and decongestion. It can reduce stress and mental fatigue, and boosts skin and hair.

Rosewood Oil- Known for its aphrodisiac properties, this oil is useful in sexual problems like impotence. It heals dry and oily skin helps in rejuvenating it. Rosewood oil has balancing effects in mind and body, which is good in de-stressing after a long day of work.

Since it is concentrated, essential oils should not be applied in their undiluted form for it may cause severe skin irritation and allergies. Pregnant women are also not recommended to use them because it can cause abnormal sensitivity and nausea. Consult your doctor first and ask them if what essential oil suites your needs most.

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