Friday, July 20, 2012

Essential Oils Enable You to Live Healthier, More Energized and Stress-Free

Feeling good goes way beyond your emotions. It has a direct correlation with your working potential. If you're under too much stress, you can bet that it will show somewhere. Aromatherapy is the ideal solution here, but you have to know how to apply it to your particular case, because there are many different kinds of essential oils, each one having that much more uses.

For example, you can add them to the water and take a bath. A very good way to relieve muscle tension if you're an active sportsman. Then again, you can also use them directly on your skin (they have to be diluted first), or spray them in the air and inhale them. Essential oils are not be confused with synthetic fragrance oils, because the latter do not have the therapeutic properties, so always be careful about that when buying.

If you have decided how exactly you want to use them, I can start with my own recommendations. So for aerial use I would suggest something like Lemon or Orange, because these scents are liked by most of the people, and it's a good chance they will please you as well. Not only that, you will experience stress-relief too. This can be within minutes of inhaling or it could vary, depending on the current level of stress in your body and mind.

If you're looking for topical use, then Lavender is a very good choice for numerous reasons. The scent itself will calm you very soon, but it's also beneficial for the skin itself. It acts as an anti-septic and it's also widely known to be good at treating minor skin injuries.

When you come home from working all day, there is nothing better to do than relaxing in a hot tub. It soothes the nerves and makes your mind think more clearly. Perhaps you can even ask your loved one for a massage for even greater effect.

To help you choose the correct essential oil for you, here are my suggestions. I've already mentioned Orange, Lavender and Lemon, but I also particularly like Chamomile. When you combine it with the lotion of your choice and apply it to the skin, it works calmingly both to the skin itself, as well as to the way you feel. It's said to even help women with their womanly problems. And Rose essential oils happens to be very uplifting, perfect for the times when you feel down with or without an apparent reason.

I hope I've given you some new ideas about essential oils and I wish you give them a shot!

There is a Squidoo lens that better explains essential oils and steam distillation, so you might want to check that out for more information.

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