Saturday, July 7, 2012

Important Details Regarding the Effects of Tanning Sprays

Spray tanning has for long been deemed as the safest solution to sun tanning. Nevertheless, a new report has pointed out that, spray tanning might not be the most ideal solution to spray tanning. This follows various scientific researches, which have all indicated that spray tanning has its fair share of risks.

According to reports released by ABC news, sprays used for purposes of tanning have been found to contain some chemicals which could have negative effects to human health, if used overtime. Among these chemicals which are contained in these sprays include dihydroxyacetone, which is commonly referred to as DHA. Apparently, scientific studies have proved that, DHA causes genetic mutations in cells contained in a dish. Even though no scientific studies which have been conducted in order to prove whether DHA would similarly cause genetic mutations in human cells, there are studies which have concluded that DHA poses health risks. Experts all over the world have called on for additional research in order to determine other health detrimental effects on human health.

Dr Rey Panettieri, who is a renowned toxicologist, a lung specialist and a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania, during an exclusive interview with ABC hinted out that, chemicals contained in tanning sprays could react with compounds present in human body cells. According to him, this could play a role in promoting the development of cell cancers and malignancies. Therefore, he urged people not to embrace tanning sprays, until all harmful effects linked to them are established. In the US, The Food and Drug Administration body have accredited the use of DHA, but for external use only. This therefore means that, this chemical should never be inhaled, applied to body parts that have sensitive cells such as lips and eye lids. Similarly, people have been discouraged from ingesting DHA, thanks to the fact that this chemical might end up poisoning the body. There are also score of experts, who are equally concerned with DHA's potential to cause lung cancer whenever inhaled by human beings and animals.

Even though scientists had earlier concluded that DHA which is contained in all tanning sprays could only have the ability to interact with dead skin cells, recent scientific evidence have made it clear that the chemical could easily be absorbed into both animal and human bodies. This in return could end up causing adverse harmful body effects to animals and human beings.

For those that who have already made up their minds that they would continue using tanning sprays, there are urged to do so but at their own peril. For this reason, the Federation for Drugs Association have recommended that, one ought to use these sprays when they are covering their noses, eyes and mouths. This is necessary for it helps in protecting the cells prevalent in these body parts, and which are highly sensitive to various chemicals including DHA.

The federation further encouraged people who own tanning salon, to seek more information regarding the use of tanning sprays. They are further urged to offer maximum protection to their clients, in order to ensure they are not exposed to harmful chemicals contained in tanning sprays!

So before hitting a salon for spray tanning in Mississauga or elsewhere, make sure they are certified and use safe chemicals for tanning and also do not forget to follow these small precautions to avoid problems. Click here get more information.

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